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The StoryBook —– 1765 sq.ft.

You guys are going to love this house.  It is cozy, elegant and mysterious all mixed up in one bundle.   Download the walk through Here.   Don’t forget to install the Viewer Here It is especially suited for that great view that you payed so much for.  Having two upper balconies to enjoy the […]

The Goodman—-2943 Sq.ft.

Designed for a sloped property enabling a daylight basement. Share this:

Cherry Tree Planting 2

Backing up a bit, here is a little video clip that I took when we were nailing the upper floor. Share this:

Planting a Cherry Tree

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The White Pine —-2209 Sq.ft.

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The Cherry Tree—192 Sq. ft.

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The Western Tudor — 2830 sq.ft.

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The Buckeye —- 1136 sq.ft.

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The Hunters Hideout—-1600 sq.ft.

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The Avocet —-5200 sq.ft.

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